Monday, July 18, 2011

Teardrops behind the Sunglasses

I awoke with hope, energy, new perspective. Monday morning washing away the 'funk' I had been in the past few days.  Being the first day of my girl's swim lessons, I grabbed my book, sunglasses, water and phone as we headed to the pool.  And it was there at the side of the pool I found teardrops sliding down behind my sunglasses.  So much for my resolve, as my heart quietly spoke,
Lord, three years since we moved, three years...and still no close friend to just sit poolside with and chat with.  Why? Why has it been so hard to make friends this time.  Oh I've met some amazing people, and many I call friends, and yet they lack the closeness I've felt in my past friendships. And I don't even have a baby or toddler that I have to go into the water with anymore, no excuse to chat with the other moms who are in the water with their little ones. Oh this growing up of my children is bittersweet, in so many ways.  
That was a week ago.  Today I left the pool feeling like I received a 'hug' from God himself.  Another mom I had worked with at the school had been at the pool last week for her kid's private lessons, and so for just 20 minutes every day last week, while their lessons overlapped, we found ourselves sitting poolside together. We chatted about our kids growing up and shared fun activities we're doing with our kids this summer. We smiled and we laughed.  And I enjoyed that sweet conversation for the joy it was.  Today was the last day of her kid's lessons, so it will be quiet again tomorrow, well unless God decides to send another hug to me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Glimpses of Heaven

So, I've been thinking, I'm going to change the name of this blog from "I Breathe, I Write" to "Glimpses of Heaven" - because really, most of the time when I pause to write, it's because something deep within me catches a glimpse and in that moment I know this is what heaven must be like. Yet it's only a glimpse, a passing moment, and it's gone.  And yet in that moment, I've never felt more alive. I believe that is what heaven will be - a constant 'feeling alive', a constant bubble of joy, a smile that never leaves my face. And really, that's why I write, because I want to capture these fleeting moments here on earth. To remember that this life is a journey, and along the journey we get to collect souvenirs we call "moments." And these moments point us towards God and life ever after.  My writings are my humble attempts to capture life's moments into words.