Sunday, October 24, 2010

Writing while running...

Yesterday morning while running, in an attempt to take my mind off the fact my body did not feel like running, I started using words to paint pictures of the things I ran by on the gorgeous fall day. Here’s some of what I wrote in my head.

I love the mums right now, as they unashamedly flash their radiant color.  Soon the brown will arrive and rob them of this color, but right now the day is all theirs. This is the moment they’ve waited for all summer – growing,  anticipating the future, waiting for their turn, and now look at them – deep dark reds, shimmering yellows, rich burnt oranges — this is the beauty they were created for.  
The air is heavy with incoming rain, when I breathe in deeply, I can taste it. The clouds are thick as they blanket the earth from the heavens above. Yet, there not far from the horizon, there is a break in the clouds and the sun beams push their way through to the earth below. The spot in the sky is entrancing, and while it is hazy, I find I can’t take my eyes off it, and yet, it’s so bright, I can’t really focus on it either. I find myself lost in the mystery of sunbeams.
Wow, bright purple, what a pleasant surprise to find among the majesty of these fall colors.  Thousands of tiny daisy-like flowers, all clumped together, giving the appearance of an entire purple bush rather than a simple plant. Amazing how I probably wouldn’t of noticed one tiny flower all by itself, but when they join together, the beauty they create is nothing short of astounding.
Look at those maples. The outside of the tree is kissed with the sun, leaving crimson red all around the edge. Just past the crimson is a glimpse of bright orange, which quickly gives way to a brilliant yellow. Then there, tucked in the middle of the tree are the brightest lime green leaves.  It’s almost as if a rainbow has jumped into the tree itself and the two have become one.  Then holding it all together are rich dark brown limbs, still wet from the rain that fell last night. As if that wasn’t breathtaking enough, the sun shone thru the backside of the tree, leaving a thousand sparkling pinpoints of light breaking through to create something so picture perfect, I knew no one could ever paint it, even if they tried.

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