Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Moment Changes Everything

The last two years, I paused and wrote down my own story - of pain, healing, growth. I learned early in life that one phone call, one moment, holds the power to change your life forever.  It forced me to go on a journey towards the places of Forgiveness and Healing, so that my life would not be consumed by grief, anger, pain and bitterness.  It's a story I tried to capture into words on a page, so that my own daughters will one day know the truth. And they will know that no matter what happens, healing is possible. Here is how my story begins on one December night in 1996... 

The shrill of the phone ringing at two in the morning had Lynn stuck between the depth of her dreams and the reality of the moment.  She sought to ignore it, determining it to be a wrong number. However, she quickly changed her mind, knowing if she answered it, the noise would stop and she could return to her slumber.  “Hello,” she mumbled half asleep.
“Sunshine?” Lynn immediately recognized her mom’s nickname for her. Why was her mom calling her in the middle of the night? Fear immediately filled Lynn, and the next words her mom spoke would forever change the very depth of her being. “There are two dead females at Jason’s mom’s house. The detective is here and needs to talk to Jason.”
A silent shock filled Lynn as she nudged the phone to Jason, her husband of two years.  Lynn sat there in the dark, watching the shadows of her husband and listening to a one-sided phone conversation. As he hung up the phone, they clung to each other, letting their tears intermingle, absorbing the shock of the call they just received.
“You need to call your brothers and your grandparents,” Lynn spoke the words he already knew.
“I know,” Jason nodded.
Lynn continued to sit frozen on the bed, well except for the tears which kept silently falling. Lynn knew if a faucet were available to turn off her tears, she would leave it on and running.  The tears were her only evidence of this nightmare that had awoken her. She listened to her husband make all four phone calls, hearing him somehow find the strength to say, “I just got a call from a Battle Creek detective, they have found two dead females at mom’s house. They think it is mom and Heather.”

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