Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Is My Shelter?

I received a copy of the book “Who Is My Shelter?” by Neta Jackson for free from, in exchange for an honest and fair review. Below is my review.
Who is My Shelter?” is a modern day story about Gabby, a woman facing mid-life, a broken marriage, new love, teenage kids,  as well as, embracing a new endeavor of creating transitional housing for homeless mothers. It’s really a story about her faith journey and her quest to learn what it looks like to have God be a part of every aspect of her life, especially in the difficulties life has unwillingly created for her.  
Overall, I did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped. I had the ending figured out almost immediately as it was introduced, perhaps a lucky guess? Also, I have not read the previous books in this serious, so I was not familiar with the characters, so that might have had an impact on my overall enjoyment of the book.  Lastly, the book felt just a bit too ‘preachy’ and not enough ‘story’ for my fictional reading enjoyment.  
However, I did appreciate her development of several characters in the book, whom I found to be ‘real’ and believable. In particular, I loved the character of Lucy, a bag lady, with a dog named Dandy, that Gabby befriends. As the book progressed, I found myself wanting to know more about her character. I hope Neta Jackson will consider writing a book about the life of Lucy.

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