Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It was one of those beautiful spring days, where you just want to lay in the grass, capturing every single sunbeam that is reaching towards you. The sky so blue, you wish time would stop so you could live in this breath of time for always. As we ventured into the woods, the trees were still mostly bare, letting an exuberant amount of sunshine fall through their branches and keep us warm as a crisp breeze still whistled all around us. Everywhere I looked bright green was growing up, and out, and all over the world surrounding me. Then, as I searched even deeper, I found treasured colors hidden all around. Tiny blue flowers, no bigger than my pinky finger, silently waiting to be adored. White flowers filling a bare tree. Yellow wild flowers dotting the landscape, and purple ones too, rising up towards the sunshine. Oh and the creek, so clean, alive, rushing the spring rains downward, spilling over rocks, creating the most melodic sound. As we journeyed down the trail, we had the unexpected, delightful company of a half a dozen different butterflies. From the majestic monarchs, to the tiny purply-blue ones, that I would have missed, if we hadn’t we paused by the creek once again to look around and breathe it all in.  Yes! This is the feeling I love, spring breathing life back into my soul. Where I once again encounter the Creator of the universe – his majesty, his imagination, his wonder. My heart swells with gratitude as I capture it all in my heart, knowing that I have been blessed once again to receive a glimpse of heaven here on earth. For me, on this Palm Sunday, it was not in church where I encountered the beauty this day held; no, my heart beheld it all along a tiny creek bed in the middle of the woods. 

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