Saturday, May 21, 2011

Women of Faith Worship: rejoice CD

I was provided this CD for free from in exchange for an honest and fair review. 

Women of Faith continues to release high quality products that both inspire and encourage women on their journey of faith.  This current CD is no exception, and if you love Christian worship music, your soul will be uplifted by the songs on this album.  I’ve enjoyed putting this CD on in the mornings as I’m waking up, to focus on Christ as I begin my day. To worship Him and be reminded that life is best lived when I’m focused on the bigger picture of who He is in the lyrics of The spirit of the Lord –“our God is greater, our God is stronger, God, you are higher than any other.”  The words in He is Exalted reminds me to give Him the glory for all the goodness I have in my life, and encourages me to live the words “let me whole life be a blazing offering…”as I begin my day. Only by Grace reminds me to ‘see beyond this moment’ for he alone is ‘high above it all’! I love the reminder that “you will never leave me in my sorrow” in the song Firm Foundation, because sometimes life does bring pain, yet, He is there and he “restores my song!”  And Lastly, The Solid Rock uplifts me with the truth that “You hold me in your hand, oh, Most High!” and reminds me that at the end of the day, I can sing of “his faithfulness at night!” Thanks Women of Faith ministries for letting God encourage others through your ministries!!

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